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CP-Pharma: Webportal Development for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Process Efficiency

Cross-channel and comprehensive apps for CP Pharma customers and sales.

As part of the project aimed at providing comprehensive support to the sales force during the sales process, an e-commerce and sales app was developed for CP-Pharma, the wholesaler.

The primary objectives included implementing a responsive design and integrating the brand presence seamlessly. This involved refreshing the entire user experience of the website. Alongside the integrated web store, the company website received a consistent look and feel. The app designed and programmed by Almato significantly eases the workload of the target group, sales employees, and customers.


App Features

Customer App

  • Targeted search for products
  • Sensitive data such as price and images can only be viewed after logging in
  • Direct ordering in the app
  • Searching and reordering products via item scanner

Sales App

  • Clear overview of all customers
  • Individual consultation and sales directly to the customer
  • Pricing models can be optimized for each account as required

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