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Our customers include international IT-service providers, one of the largest shared service desks in Germany and numerous IT organizations of large corporations. We offer AI-based automation solutions, digital assistants, and self-service portals.

A modern server room

Our focus is on saving costs, increasing productivity, and improving customer service. Our solutions increase quality by improving compliance with service level agreements (SLAs).

Your Industry: IT-Service

Hand-Icon mit einem Share-Symbol für den Bereich Shared Services

Shared Service

Optimization of business processes via efficient, integrated solutions

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Self-service Portals

Integration platform for End User Services

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Service Desk Automation

Digital assistant and ML-Solutions

Gehirn-Icon mit digitalen Verbindungen für den Bereich AI Ops

AI Ops

Extensive Automation of IT-Operations

Your advantages with Almato

Our expertise in the IT service sector offers you the following advantages:

Custom-made solutions to improve quality and efficiency

Productive application cases in the AI Ops sector

Suitable Services
and Solutions


The development of digital assistants for IT services utilizes custom-made machine learning and language processing to assist IT workers in automating routine processes and swiftly resolving issues, thereby increasing their efficiency.


HIRO is an advanced AI platform for the automation of IT services. It can solve complex problems and make decisions in real time, learning and adapting dynamically to new situations to make IT processes more efficient and cost-effective.

Robotic Process Automation

Repetitive and manual tasks such as data migration, process automation, and incident management can be automated. This helps increase the efficiency and quality of IT services by reducing human errors and saving resources.

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Expert Statement

»With our solutions, we want to stand at the top of the AI development in the IT-Service sector. It is not just about automation of routine processes, but also of complex tasks.«
Leonie Glanzer
Lead Software Engineer
Almato-Mitarbeiterin Leonie Glanzer

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