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We believe that Artificial Intelligence creates new opportunities for shaping innovative software solutions. That's why we extensively utilize current technologies and assist businesses in solving complex tasks.

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Digital excellence:
Our professional AI Services

In the dynamic world of Artificial Intelligence, we keep track and accompany you with our comprehensive services, so you can leverage AI optimally for your business goals.


Assistance in determining how your requirements can be realized through the implementation of AI.

Training Data

Identification, preparation, and production of relevant training data for AI projects.


Support throughout the entire journey from the initial vision, through conception, to launch.


Fortlaufende Optimierungen für eine zukunftssichere KI-Lösung, die kontinuierlich an Qualität gewinnt

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Your advantages,
our expertise 

HIRO - Knowledge Automation

HIRO autonomously automates processes based on the knowledge provided by employees of a company.

More about HIRO

Combining various AI techniques

By integrating various state-of-the-art AI services, we enable the development of tailored solutions.

Self-learning models

The AI models we develop are self-learning through user feedback and comprehensive training data, allowing them to continuously improve.

Specialization in mobile devices

We develop powerful and resource-efficient AI models optimized specifically for mobile devices with limited computational resources.

Innovative technologies

For implementation, we use the latest AI technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and large language models.

Data security and privacy

We consider all security aspects in the development of AI models. Option for on-premises solutions available.

Why us?


With Almato AI, we have a business unit that has been focusing on AI for almost 30 years.


An AI solution doesn't stand alone. We integrate the solution into your infrastructure and processes.


The solution must always fit the use case - technically and economically. We employ the necessary technologies, regardless of specific products or vendors.

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Join us at Almato DevCon on 06./07.06.2024 for knowledge transfer and networking with over 400 developers and executives from more than 100 companies.

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