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AI Solutions

Transform your business with Artificial Intelligence: customized, ready-to-use and flexible solutions. Boost your productivity with machine learning for cognitive automation, intelligent apps and more.

Almato Knowledge Graph

Use the highly scalable Almato Knowledge Graph to simplify data management and analysis and support AI and ML in your organization. Benefit from improved customer experience, more accurate search results, better fraud detection and more.


Faster and more efficient business processes through automation with Almato: As a pioneer and trailblazer in the field of RPA, we offer a solution for every business model, including IPA, on-premises and digital assistants.


We integrate business process management with RPA software and offer all the necessary services such as planning, development and operation. Our holistic solution optimizes your business processes efficiently and is aligned with your strategic goals.

End-to-end Orchestration

Seamless efficiency with end-to-end orchestration. Our solution offers comprehensive process automation that coordinates and controls complex workflows and software robots with numerous, flexible components to optimize and scale your business processes.


HIRO stands for Human Intelligence Robotically Optimized. It is our product for efficient and agile automation of end-to-end processes in the areas of ITSM, SCM, HR, and Finance.

Microsoft Power Platform

We support in developing a comprehensive strategy for optimal adoption, utilization, and operation of the Microsoft Power Platform. Benefit from customized training provided by our highly qualified experts.

Workforce Management

Discover the Argos Workforce Management System: An efficient tool for workforce scheduling, providing intuitive and automated planning, real-time analytics, and increased productivity for your team.

OAA Portal

Discover our expertise in OAA solutions! From BAföG specialized procedures to the development of mobile applications and modern automation solutions, we offer comprehensive services. With the Almato OAA Portal, we enable fast, cost-effective implementation of digital specialized procedures.

Camunda Power Platform

In collaboration with Camunda, we have developed a connector for the Microsoft Power Platform. This enables the orchestration of Power Automate Desktop flows directly from a BPMN process.

Mobile App und Web Retail

With our Mobile App and Web Retail Framework, it's easy to develop cross-platform applications for extended reach and higher customer satisfaction. Our framework offers top-notch user design and advanced analytics tools.

Microservice Backend

Experience agility with our Microservice Backend Framework. Our framework creates a easily adaptable, scalable, and modular architecture that flexibly adjusts to the constantly changing requirements of your business.

Knowledge Graph

Through our Knowledge Graph Framework, interconnected knowledge models can be seamlessly designed through intelligent modeling of entities and relationships. Advanced ontologies, semantic search, and visual representation help unfold your knowledge for informed decision-making.

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Digital structures

Why us?

Custom solutions

Our portfolio offers innovative solutions for intelligent digitization, tailored to your industry and your company. With a deep understanding of your challenges, we develop targeted strategies for long-term success.

Experienced experts

Our team of experts with years of experience is ideally positioned to support you with your requirements. We leverage extensive industry knowledge and technological expertise to ensure you benefit from our proven solutions and best practices.

Comprehensive security

Security is of paramount importance to us. Current developments in the field of cybercrime necessitate continuous monitoring based on current standards and adherence to individual compliance rules.

our services

Academy & Trainings

Discover comprehensive training at the Almato Academy in the fields of RPA, Machine Learning, AI, and Mobile, led by top trainers and experts, for a practical and forward-looking education.

Application Management

We offer comprehensive Application Management, including transition, support, incident management, updates, patches, and continuous optimization of your legacy software for outstanding performance and security.


With years of experience and our rockstar team of industry virtuosos we are expertly transforming complex business processes into seamless digital operations.. With our cutting-edge solutions, we're all about creating the state of the art in process automation and business-critical software development.


Our focus in developing innovative custom software lies in reliability and security. Comprehensive quality assurance and the use of state-of-the-art tools are a matter of course for us.


Experts from our development site in the Tech Hub Barcelona strengthen our teams. Professional software nearshoring with technically sophisticated expertise and extensive experience offers our customers short lead times and rapid implementation.