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HIRO stands for Human Intelligence Robotically Optimized – it's our product for agile automation. Using advanced AI, HIRO mimics the way humans learn and apply knowledge. With HIRO, we accelerate the digital transformation of businesses, automate knowledge, and help our clients unlock their full potential.
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Accelerate Digital Transformation
with Knowledge Automation

Driven by Advanced AI, Knowledge Automation overcomes the inherent challenges of traditional automation. With HIRO, automation rates of 90% and more can be achieved even with non-standardized processes.

Quick start

No prior analysis required; the process can be automated as-is, with the necessary knowledge distributed across individual process steps.

Dynamic automation

Knowledge Automation is dynamic and adapts to changes in systems, processes, and environments.

Enhanced efficiency

HIRO automates task execution by leveraging previously acquired knowledge from experts. Highly scalable and requiring minimal maintenance, it is exceptionally efficient.

90% end-to-end Automation

Dynamic Knowledge Automation enables high automation rates of up to 90% or more. In comparison, traditional automation, due to its static and context-independent design, can achieve significantly lower automation rates.

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How Knowledge

HIRO utilizes AI to autonomously automate a process based on knowledge provided by your employees. Integrating HIRO into the organization is akin to onboarding a new employee. Here's how the agile automation approach works:


Similar to onboarding a new employee, HIRO initially gains access to the necessary information systems. In the first step, experts begin by training HIRO (the new employee) on the basics of the job and imparting the required knowledge.


HIRO receives assignments and is trained by a staff member on the required knowledge and steps to complete them. The AI begins to explore the environment and solve simple tasks under expert guidance.


As HIRO's knowledge grows, it can autonomously automate tasks based on the knowledge conveyed by its trainers. The AI determines the next necessary steps in the process, depending on the current context and the task itself.

Over time, HIRO acquires enough knowledge to autonomously automate 90% or more of all end-to-end process tasks assigned to it.

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Your advantages,
our expertise

Transparent automation

HIRO's automation is fully auditable, ensuring utmost transparency.

Data efficiency

HIRO operates with existing data and systems, eliminating the need to secure large amounts of structured data.

Persistent automation

No new model or data update is required for each new automation.

Diverse applications

From real-time resolution of IT tickets to proactive inventory alerts, HIRO's versatile design can handle a wide range of tasks.

Our solutions

IT-Service Management

Reducing resolution time is crucial in ITSM to cut costs and achieve high customer satisfaction. HIRO automates real-time root cause analysis, improves ticket triage, and scales to address a wide range of ITSM issues.


By providing tools for automating daily tasks, seamless integration with existing systems, and flexible adaptation to regulatory changes, HIRO supports organizations in adapting to the dynamic financial landscape while meeting the highest security standards.

Human Resources

HIRO can support HR by automating HR tasks and offering flexible adjustments to HR policies. Through automation and coordination between systems and teams, it significantly contributes to increasing employee satisfaction and enables HR managers to focus on value-added tasks.

Supply Chain Management

HIRO transforms SCM by enhancing supply chain responsiveness, minimizing inventory outages, eliminating human errors, and orchestrating existing automation tools. Routine tasks are automated, and efficient solutions are found for challenges, allowing managers to focus on demanding tasks.

Why us?

High level of automation

Based on agile automation methodology, our solutions deliver very high automation rates of 90% or more by capturing expert knowledge.

Fast implementation

Process automations can be initiated within weeks instead of months.

Resource efficient

Minimal team and infrastructure resources required for maintenance and expansion.

Let's talk!

We're ready when you are to get started. You can contact me directly, or complete the form to connect to a sales representative today.

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Director Process Automation

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