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Deutsche Telekom: Automation of Standard Processes with RPA

The use of virtual robots provides competitive advantages through process automation in service. At Deutsche Telekom, a wide variety of processes are handled fully automatically with RPA.

With fully automated processes with RPA, the telecommunications company can realize significant resource savings in back office and contact centre while simultaneously increasing service quality. Almato implements 100 software robots right at the start of the project.

With RPA, virtual robots handle business processes automatically

  • Return debit notes
  • Contract terminations
  • Contract amendments

The use of digital robots relieves employees of monotonous work so that they can concentrate on value-adding work. The fully automated processing enables a higher efficiency compared to manual work, saves time and money as well as more satisfied customers through an increase in service quality.

Almato already implemented several processes at Deutsche Telekom during the pilot project. At the start of the project, the robots will operate around 15 applications (such as e-mail, CRM and local telecom applications) and process over 150,000 business transactions fully automatically every month. A dashboard provides a transparent overview of all active and inactive robots.

Customer Statement

»RPA could be seamlessly integrated into our quite complex system world. By automating some key high-volume processes, we were able to achieve significant cost and time savings in a very short time.«

Christoph Bill
Head of Infrastructure & Workflowmanagement, Deutsche Telekom


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