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We serve customers in the energy sector, including public utilities, private energy companies and energy technology manufacturers. Our expertise includes the digitalization of customer interfaces and the automation of business-critical operating processes. Our solutions include mobile apps for controlling energy systems, voice-controlled customer services, digital service center assistants and RPA technologies for process automation.

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Our focus is on developing advanced, user-friendly applications and integrating innovative technologies to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction while maintaining the highest security standards.

Your Industry: Utilities

Lock icon for cyber security for utility companies

Cyber Security

Application Security in custom software

Icon with speech bubbles with various content for digital communication for utility companies

Digital Customer communication

Efficient and modern interaction in customer service

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AI Chatbots

Text-based communication based on LLM

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Digital Business models

Modern and efficient custom development

Your advantages with Almato

Our expertise in the Utility sector offers you the following advantages:

Rapid implementation of automation solutions thanks to our experience from numerous customer projects.

Governance-compliant introduction of the Microsoft Power Platform

Suitable Services
and Solutions


HIRO for Utilities uses AI to automate processes such as customer support and network management and increases efficiency and responsiveness through data analysis, especially in power grid monitoring.

Microsoft Power Platform

As Microsoft Power Platform experts, we optimize processes through integrated automation, data analysis, app development and governance-oriented implementation.

Robotic Process Automation

With RPA we optimize and automate repeating, rule-based tasks, such as automated billing, customer management, fault management and maintenance  management, as well as data processing and analysis.

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Expert Statement

»At Almato we believe that the future of automation lies in the intelligent integration of technologies such as the Microsoft Power Platform. Our expertise in Robotic Process Automation revolutionizes efficiency in the utility sector. We do not automate processes, rather we configure them to be more intelligent, faster, and more reliable
Tim Küppers
Head of Automation Solutions
Almato-Mitarbeiter Tim Kueppers

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