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Hansa: App Development and AI Concept

App development and AI concept: object recognition makes it easy to recognize series and identify the right spare parts for Hansa.

HANSAMATRIX – Product configurator

Almato realizes HANSAMATRIX, the product configurator for uncomplicated and clear bathroom planning as well as the Hansa 24h service app for iOS and Android. The scope of services for both digitalization projects includes user interface design with a focus on the creation of navigation concepts, wireframes and mockups as well as technical implementation. In addition to the user experience, an important focus of the projects is on high performance and security.

The CGI approach (Computer Generate Imagery) is a particular highlight in the creation of the configurator. Almato creates the entire 3D location and the 3D models of the bathroom installation, including the preparation of the CAD objects. The configurator's business logic takes into account defined dependencies between the products and only provides the user with suitable combinations to choose from.

Hansa 24h Service App

The app (native for Android and iOS) allows installers to easily search the entire product range and associated spare parts of the Hansa product range via article number, product family or PIX code. In this way, users can view detailed information such as dimensional drawings or installation instructions. All information can be downloaded or added to a watch list. This also makes it possible to work offline with the app, for example in the basement or shell construction. Technical support via video chat (WebRTC) is also integrated into the app so that problems can be solved together onsite.

The apps use the Almato Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service. A cloud backend that already provides functions such as identity management or push as standard. To enable an optimal user experience, a product management system and a CRM system were integrated, among other things. The project team relies on ElasticSearch for high-performance searches.



Concept: AI for object recognition

Using Almato Object Recognition, an intelligent tap recognition system is currently being developed. This should enable installers to easily recognize already installed Hansa products and order possible complementary products and suitable spare parts directly in the app.

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