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Kerbl: IoT Solution and Mobile App

IoT solution: App-controlled intelligent pasture fences for Kerbl

Almato implemented the AKO FenceCONTROL system for Albert Kerbl GmbH (Kerbl). The system consists of a mobile app, a server and a control unit. FenceCONTROL provides an innovative product based on IoT technology that significantly improves the security of electric fencing devices and offers users additional convenience functions. Almato was responsible for the conception, app development and commissioning of the app, user experience design and project management in the project.

The IoT app makes it possible to ensure herding safety for grazing animals. The range of functions includes:


  • Monitoring of the electric fence pulses
  • Display of the current status of the pasture fence system
  • Triggering of warnings and alarms to the user if threshold values are not reached
  • Control of the electric fence device

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