Just add digital to your enterprise__

Almato enables the easy realization of digital enterprise strategies using intelligent solutions to automate and digitize business processes. For this purpose, innovative frontends with robotic process automation and AI services are combined to digitize existing standard processes and enable new ones.
Almato is an expert for easy full and partial automation using software robots (robotic process automation and robotic desktop automation). In addition, Almato offers extensive software development and system integration experience for apps, chatbots, and voice user interfaces. The interaction of these technologies in combination with artificial intelligence enables digital, intelligent, and automated processing of business workflows.
Almato offers individual end-to-end solutions for the easy realization of your digital strategies. A combination of certified experts, scalable solutions, and innovative technologies working together, to achieve excellent user experience, a short time-to-market, and impressive ROIs. Quick implementation of digital strategies – just add digital.

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Robotic Process Automation

Almato uses RPA to increase process efficiency by automating repetitive workflows, without any changes to legacy systems. The use of robotic process automation enables our clients to integrate data from existing systems into new, intelligent processes. The virtual bots achieve significant resources savings, improve service quality, reduce errors, and increase customer satisfaction.


Our solutions employ AI approaches to enable self-learning processes or provide added value for users. This leads to increased process efficiency and optimized user experience. Intelligent automation, object and text recognition, predictive approaches as well as smart suggestions are only some examples of the successful application of AI technologies.


Almato applies cloud services to accelerate the implementation of digital products and meet the highest performance requirements. In addition to the classic backend integration as well as the employment of interfaces, we use RPA for system integration. Thus, the required information and data from various legacy systems are consolidated without complex interface programming and can be displayed and processed on UX-oriented frontends.

Innovative User Interfaces

The question of the right frontend depends on the application. For our customers, we implement voice user interfaces (VUI), apps, and custom software based on web technologies with focus on outstanding user experience. Our solutions integrate AI approaches and machine learning, for instance in the field of object detection. Due to our expert in-house design team, Almato provides innovative user interfaces that enhance UX and frontend usability.

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Tailored digital solutions for every industry__

Finance, IT, or logistics? Almato helps companies develop and deliver digital processes. Just add digital – We focus on the individual user journey and use case-specific requirements, thus, enabling process innovation in the department. Tailor-made end-to-end solutions for individual projects by experienced specialists. We provide easy, intelligent solutions that fulfill all requirements with a short time-to-market, thanks to outstanding technologies, extensive support, and skilled partners.

Sales and Marketing
Human Resources
Supply Chain

Technology partners__

Our various partnerships allow us to provide tailor-made solutions for a company’s unique requirements. With the support of our partners, we offer intelligent solutions for process innovation. The software solutions of our partners form the basis for a stable technical infrastructure and help us to ensure a successful holistic approach and implementation of projects.

Interested in all our technological, consulting, sport, and charity partners? Please visit our German page for a full list of our engagement.


A leading provider of digital IQ solutions that enable today’s employees to use digital and transformative tools to optimize processes.

Automation Anywhere

An expert in delivering one of the most advanced, cognitive robotic process automation platforms for business process automation.


The system helps us to build tomorrow’s workforce through a combination of meticulous virtual robots and human creativity.


The software expertly provides a smooth robotic process automation journey enabling companies to start small, gather know-how and scale up as needed.


The software allows companies to accelerate the achievements of their employees, improve their workflow, and build their digital business with RPA.

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We would love to hear from you. Our team is available to answer questions, give you the information you need, and support your digital transformation. Just contact us via info@almato.com, call us at +49 7121 14787-0  or find our full list of contacts with the click of a button on our German page.


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