Use Cases – AI-based text classification__

The intelligent automation solution for optimizing incoming mail for help desks (tickets), service desks, customer service organizations and more. The ONE_Classifier takes over the, also multi-dimensional, allocation of texts in any, individually defined categories.

Ticket Classification

Automate your ticket inbox with AI-based categorization of tickets. Choose individual categories for classification according to your needs, such as priority or urgency of tickets.

The integration into your ticket systems is possible via API as well as a loose coupling with RPA.

Email Categorization

Text classification with the ONE_Classifier allows you to monitor and categorize the inbox. Incoming mails can be classified and assigned as required, for example to the relevant departments or by priority.

It is not required to define specific regulations. The AI model learns and decides on the basis of existing categorized content, e.g. forwarded emails to the respective departments.

Calculate your potential savings with text classification__

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Further application possibilities for the text classification

Spam Filter

Detect spam and SMS beforehand and sort them out automatically before they reach your employees. The AI service can be integrated into the contact form on your website, among other functions, to filter out unwanted requests.

Perception analysis

Use the ONE_Classifier to read reviews and mails between the lines and identify the customers needs and satisfaction.


Implement an AI project fast and easy__

The Almato ONE_Classifier is a text classification software developed with artificial intelligence technologies for rapid, automated categorization of any text, such as emails, tickets or product reviews. Train your AI model, which extracts and classifies all relevant information, with only one upload, in a few hours.

The innovative solution is available as a cloud service as well as to operate in your own infrastructure (on-premises).

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Create your own AI model for text classification with our free demo version! Contact us directly if you require a trial version for Linux.

Download demo version (Windows)
ONE_Classifier Dashboard: Textklassifizierung On-Premise und aus der Cloud

With just one upload to the AI model__

Input labelled data

The creation of the machine learning model is fully automated. No data scientists and no AI know-how – all you need is the training data in a CSV format. Our text classification solution takes care of the rest.

Data processing

HTML fragments removal, tokenization, whitespace elimination, stemming, greeting formulas and  signature removal, anonymization of personal data, stop word elimination.

Automatic Model Training

In AI projects, data scientists spend weeks of scientific work investigating which algorithm gives the best results with which hyperparameter settings. We have automated this process for you. Within a few hours our product performs the work of several experts.

Model training includes data transformation, data splitting (training/validation), training,
hyperparameter tuning and report data generation. The solution tests different models that use different procedures. Fully automated hyperparameter tuning is performed in each model. The AI model with the best result, i.e. the highest accuracy, is then used for your predictions.


The following procedures are used:

  • Random Forest
  • Scalable vector machines
  • Neuronal networks
  • fastText
  • Naive Bayes

Free Demo Version__

Test our innovative text classification solution for 14 days as a free, non-binding demo version. No registration necessary.

Contact us directly if you need a trial version for Linux!

ONE_Classifier – Features__

Automatic training and optimization

You provide the training data as CSV, and our solution automatically creates a running AI service from it in just a few hours.

Multiple classifier

Install the application once and create any number of ONE_Classifier models for various use cases.

Cloud vs on-premises

Use the text classification solution either as a cloud service or in your infrastructure.


All functions can be used via rest interfaces. Integrate the solution into your existing processes and systems.

Connection to Active Directory

Use your existing user directories to authorize access to the application.


Via a rest interface you receive current data for integration into your monitoring system.

Robotic Process Automation

As a RPA specialist, we also integrate the ONE_Classifier into your RPA solution, regardless of the provider.

If you are already using Automation Anywhere, then have a look at our ready-made bots for integration >> to the Bot-Store.

Web application for administration

Create and manage your ONE_Classifier, upload your training data, view training status and static data and get hints on how to optimize your results.

Lightweight architecture__

Our text classification solution is characterized by a very lightweight architecture. You do not need any special system requirements for operation. A Linux or Windows system without specific extensions is more than sufficient. All applications and frameworks required for the solution are delivered with the ONE_Classifier installation.

Minimum requirements for up to 3 ONE_Classifier

  • Windows or Linux operating system
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 50 GB HDD storage space
  • 2-core processor
ONE_Classifier: Architektur

Contact Almato experts__

We are at your disposal with pleasure. Please write to us at or call us at +49 711 62030-400.

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