Just add digital to work using cloud services__

With the deployment of RPA from the Cloud, there is an easy implementation and rapid deployment of RPA technology. The Almato RPA-as-a-Service is a multitenant, scalable and highly secure platform for the rapid implementation of automation projects with robotic process automation from the cloud. The platform thus enables companies to implement various automation scenarios without having to invest in licenses and infrastructure or subsequently take care of the operation of the RPA infrastructure.

Advantages of RPA-as-a-Service

  • No investments in infrastructure or licenses necessary
  • Clear and assignable cost structure through pay-per-use
  • Rapid deployment
  • Simple scaling based on cloud technology
  • Security and governance are guaranteed

Fact Sheet Robots-as-a-Service: Download

Robots-as-a-Service enable fast automation in the specialist area__

The use of the Robot-as-a-Service solution enables rapid implementation of automation with software robots in the specialist area. We support our customers in the development of the first software robots and train the customer’s Center of Excellence to develop further processes based on the RPA cloud platform. For customers, Almato automates processes in various specialist areas.


Quick Wins with Robots-as-a-Service__

The use of virtual robots from the cloud makes it possible to benefit quickly and without setup effort from the many advantages of RPA, such as increased operational efficiency, automatic processing around the clock or increased employee satisfaction by relieving repetitive tasks. RPA-as-a-Service also offers the advantages of fast scaling, high-performance and always the latest RPA technology.

Simple implementation: RPA-as-a-Service

  • Selection of the service package
  • Setup of the solution and development of software robots
  • Operation and further development

Secure deployment of virtual workers with RPA from the cloud

The Almato RPA-as-a-Service platform meets the highest security standards. The service itself is operated according to ISO 20000 standards and the infrastructures and systems used are regularly audited with regard to security and compliance (including ISO 27001).

Almato Datenschutz: Sicherheit - Digital Enterprise

Robots-as-a-Service – Our service for you!__

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