What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?__

RPA enables fully automated handling of structured business processes using virtual robots. These software robots (bots) operate the applications required in a process such as SAP, Office, CRM systems, databases, web interfaces and many other systems just like an employee. The bots access the necessary systems and collect and process information and data. In this way, business and administrative processes can be processed fully automatically.

Almato is the Robotic Process Automation pioneer and delivers all RPA services from a single source: consultation, technology selection, development, training, licenses, support and operation.

RPA automates rule-based processes

RPA robots operate User Interfaces exactly as an employee would. The digital robots can make rule-based decisions, copy and edit data.

Advantages of RPA: Boost for efficiency and process stability

  • Cost reduction through the automatic handling of standard processes
  • Increased efficiency due to faster processing with RPA
  • Capacity gains with employees for exceptions and complex activities
  • 24/7 handling of standard processes by RPA
  • Compliance through complete documentation via RPA

Intelligent automation__

Intelligent automation combines AI approaches with process automation with software robots. These intelligent, digital employees are able to understand, learn and make suggestions for their own improvement. In this way, we enable companies to automate processes that traditionally required cognitive human skills, such as HR, logistics or finance. The combination of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Artificial Intelligence can reduce the workload of high volume and high process frequency departments. Reliable, fast and automated process handling increases customer satisfaction and, in the final step, the retention rate in customer relationship management.


Learning systems to improve automation rates.

  • Intelligent decision-making
  • Reduction of throughput times in the processing of processes leads to operational efficiency
  • Improving data consistency
  • Increase of service quality and customer satisfaction through fast contextual customer experience
  • Quick access to all relevant information
  • High process stability
  • Continuous improvement through learning systems

Benefits of RPA-as-a-Service__

With the provision of RPA from the cloud, there is an easy implementation and fast use of RPA technology, without setup effort. RPA-as-a-Service with the Almato ONE – Digitization Platform offers a multi-client, scalable and highly secure platform for the rapid implementation of automation projects with robotic process automation from the cloud. In this way, companies can implement various automation scenarios without investing in licenses and infrastructure or subsequently having to take care of the operation of the RPA infrastructure.

  • No investments in infrastructure or licenses required
  • Fast deployment
  • Easy scaling based on cloud technology
  • Security and governance
  • Continuously state-of-the-art RPA technology

Quick Wins with Robots-as-a-Service

Increased efficiency, employee satisfaction and 24/7 automatic process handling: The use of virtual robots from the cloud makes it possible to implement projects with a short time-to-market and benefit from the many advantages of RPA.

  1. Selection of the service package
  2. Setup of the solution and development of the software robot
  3. Operation and further development

Secure deployment of virtual employees with RPA from the cloud

The RPA-as-a-Service platform from Almato meets the highest security standards. The service itself is operated in accordance with ISO 20000 standards and the infrastructures and systems used are regularly audited for security and compliance (including ISO 27001).

RaaS ermoeglicht Quick Wins

RPA Examples: Simple process automation__

RPA helps large, well-known companies and institutions to achieve significant resource savings, higher service quality and increased customer satisfaction by enabling virtual bots to automatically carry out structured business processes on an administrative level such as terminations, address changes or tariff changes, including sending confirmation emails.

The use of virtual robots provides competitive advantages through process automation in service. At Deutsche Telekom, a wide variety of processes are handled fully automatically with RPA.
Project example: RPA for Deutsche Telekom
BBBank: Successful RPA implementation leads to automation rates of up to 100%.
Project example: RPA for BBBank
Almato enables process automation at Axel Springer with robotic process automation.
Project example: RPA for Axel Springer
Digital assistants enable process simplification, higher service quality and error reduction in B2C service for Innogy.
Project example: RDA for Innogy
RPA successfully piloted with Nassauische Sparkasse.
Project example: RPA for Nassauische Sparkasse
Process automation with software robots: Robotic Process Automation efficiently ensures error-free processes at SV Sparkassenversicherung.
Project example: RPA for SV SparkassenVersicherung

Contact Almato experts__

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