Just add digital to desktop-processing__

Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) automates processes on a user’s desktop. The focus of this form of automation is the collaboration between employees and a digital robot to support the individual tasks of each employee. In contrast to RPA, entire processes are not handled automatically, but sub-processes are automated (attended automation) through the use of software robots. In service, for example, RDA provides employees with the information they need to make the right decisions or support cross-selling and up-selling almost in real time. Robotic Desktop Automation accesses the relevant data of a company in fractions of a second, analyses it and provides clear recommendations for action based on defined business rules.

Advantages of Robotic Desktop Automation__

By using Robotic Desktop Automation, employees are actively supported in customer meetings, but also in other business processes. The quality of consulting and customer satisfaction increases, and performance is improved. Even complex processes can be simplified and automated with RDA.

  • Cross-system provision and processing of information in one interface without complex interfaces
  • Save time by automating the delivery of information in near real time
  • Elimination of data acquisition errors
  • Fast and reliable service provision and processing of inquiries and service cases
  • Process acceleration: Automation, information processing and recommendations for action lead to a significant reduction in AHT (average handling time).
  • Non-invasive frontend integration: With RDA, no adjustment of the backend is necessary. The software uses the same frontend functions as an employee

Intuitive process design with Robotic Desktop Automation__

In the RDA Designer, users have the option of defining and adapting processes that are easy to automate. Without programming knowledge, it is possible to define from which systems Robotic Desktop Automation should draw the necessary information, which tasks should be automated and in which context which recommendations for action should be given.

Attended Automation: Providing relevant data__

RDA uses existing data in the respective defined applications, e.g. CRM system, office documents, ERP systems and much more. For example, all relevant information for defined processes from different systems can be made available in one view in almost real time.

Robotic Desktop Automation: Schnelle Prozessautomatisierung RDA
VUI: Voice User Interface - akustische Wellen

Frontend-Integration with Robotic Desktop Automation__

RDA uses frontend data like a human employee. A change of the existing IT infrastructure is not necessary. RDA is minimally invasive with maximum effect at the same time.

Support employees with RDA__

Robotic Desktop Automation supports employees throughout the entire process and provides all required information quickly and directly, e.g. in the form of pop-ups with recommendations for action or the calculation of suitable current offers. RDA then shortens process cycle times by simplifying or completely automating postprocessing and documentation.


Digital assistants enable process simplification, higher service quality and error reduction in B2C service for Innogy.
Project Example: RDA in Service at innogy
Almato enables process automation at Axel Springer with robotic process automation.
Project example: RPA for Axel Springer
The use of virtual robots provides competitive advantages through process automation in service. At Deutsche Telekom, a wide variety of processes are handled fully automatically with RPA.
Project example: RPA for Deutsche Telekom

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