Just add digital to processing__

Choosing the right platform and technology mix is critical to the success of a digital product. Almato provides consulting support in the selection of cloud services and designs elastic application architectures that can respond performantly to increasing user numbers. Almato also integrates 3rd party systems via classic system integration or RPA as a bridging technology for integrating data from legacy systems into innovative processes.

Technology consulting for the optimal digitalization platform__

Almato supports companies on their way to a digital enterprise. The choice of the right technologies plays a central role in the implementation of innovative apps and individual software. Transformation initiatives often start with a PoC (Proof of Concept) or MVP (Minimum Viable Product). If these quickly implemented solutions are successful, they are further developed and the requirements for scalability and performance increase.

  • Support in the selection of suitable cloud providers as well as suitable cloud services
  • Conception, development and operation of cloud-based application architectures that adapt flexibly to changing requirements
  • Support and advice in the selection of suitable technologies for the implementation of PoCs and MVPs

DevOps: Development and Administration

Almato takes over the provision of digital products as a service. Our projects focus not only on the digitalization and automation of business processes, but also on operation and further development. Within the scope of software development, we implement innovative user interfaces, automate processes with RPA and RDA and combine these competencies with the subsequent system administration, operation and support for digital products. This approach continuously improves the quality of solutions for digital enterprises and at the same time accelerates the initial time to market and release speed.

System integration: high-performance digital processes

The implementation of new digital processes as well as the innovative implementation of existing processes with innovative frontends, automation and AI services can only succeed through the integration of data and information from various databases, 3rd party systems and the Internet of Everything. When designing solution architectures, Almato considers both classic approaches to system integration and RPA if interface programming is too costly or time-consuming

RPA Backendintegration: Flexible, nichtinvasive Integration

Advantages of a balanced technology mix - Platform as a Service__

  • Reduced time to market for digital products
  • Focus on the implementation of innovative digital processes considering existing system landscapes
  • Use of elastic systems that react performantly to increasing loads (eg. access figures, data volumes)
  • Complex development steps can be streamlined by using as-a-service services
  • Use-related billing models
  • Maintenance and operation is carried out by the platform provider. This ensures that the current rating and patch statuses are always up to date

Just add digital to processing__

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