Just add digital to your backend__

An essential success factor of digitalization strategies in companies is a fast and flexible implementation of mobile applications. The development and provision of backend services often represents a high technical challenge. The development of the backend in the context of app development is often time-consuming and a decisive driver with regard to the costs of app development.

Backend services in detail__

The cloud service out-of-the-box provides a standardized Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service functions as well as connection to external APIs. The service can be extended by individual backend functions and includes services such as security, continuity services, monitoring, maintenance and patch management.

  • Data Storage & Search: Storage and management of application data and binary objects incl. data queries and full text search based on noSQL
  • Authentication: OAuth2.0-compliant client authentication and 3rd party authentication capability
  • Role and rights concept: Granular access control through demand-oriented definition and assignment of roles and rights
  • User Management: Create and manage user profiles and form groups to provide services that meet the needs of specific audiences
  • Push notification: Standardized integration of Apple Push Notification Service and Google Cloud Messaging to send push messages to registered users
  • Social media integration: Provision and publication of user actions such as tweets, posts and comments
  • Geolocation: Standardised provision of geolocation services to improve user experience through location-based services via GPS
  • Analytics: Analysis, monitoring and evaluation of user behaviour
  • Image scaler: Automatic output of image data in the correct format
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Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service - Cloud from Germany__

Almato’s Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service is “made in Germany“. The certification of the infrastructure according to ISO 27001 confirms the high security level, the ISO 20000 certification the high quality of the operational services according to ITIL.

The service elements availability, capacity, security and continuity management ensure the continuous monitoring of all IT components, services and capacities.

  • ISO 27001-certified and BS 25999-certified
  • Highest quality through ISO 20000-certified service processes
  • Redundant connection incl. access to more than 500 carriers and Internet providers
  • Multistage access system
  • Early fire detection by sensors
  • Flooding possibility with extinguishing gas as well as redundant air conditioning and power supply
  • Property protection and protection against natural disasters and burglary
  • Use of modular architecture to optimize energy efficiency and operation to the highest energy standards

Advantages of a Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service in development and operation__

The use of the Almato Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service platform offers numerous advantages over conventional backend development.

Advantages during development
  • The effort of backend programming is reduced by up to 80 %.
  • Proven standard functions usable out-of-the-box
  • Shortened time to market due to reduced initial effort
Advantages during operation
  • Scalable service according to requirements
  • Load balancing for maximum performance even during peak loads
  • State-of-the-art technology through regular updates
  • Hosting and operation conform to German data protection requirements

Contact Almato experts__

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