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In companies, customer communication generates large amounts of data that contain important information about customer satisfaction and interaction quality. Companies that are able to analyze this data in a structured manner gain a better understanding of the market and significant competitive advantages.

Interaction Analytics analyzes written and verbal customer interactions across channels. For this purpose, digitized data and existing call recordings can be converted into analyzable data records. The solution searches the resulting database and provides valuable insights into current trends and causes of problems in customer communication through a structured analysis. Concrete recommendations for optimizing communication can be derived from this in real time.

Advantages of using Interaction Analytics__

  • Analytics: Analysis of all customer interactions and linking with other data sources possible
  • Visualization: The software presents evaluations of the data in an intuitive and clear graphical representation.
  • Optimization potential: Identify problem causes, best practices and continuously optimize processes and communication quality.
  • Business Insights: Gain valuable information on current trends, correlations and problem causes through analysis

Analysis across all channels

Interaction Analytics accesses communication and interaction data across all channels and combines the findings from the various channels to produce a uniform result.

Neuronal phonetic approach

This method divides language into phonetic units. With these units, the so-called phonemen, any word can be mapped. The advantage is obvious: even words that cannot be found in any dictionary, e.g. colloquial language or product names, can be understood and analyzed by the software.

Interaction Analytics kanaluebergreifend
Intelligence - KI: Datenanalyse einfach gemacht


Interaction Analytics visualizes trends. For this purpose, Wordclouds are created for arbitrary periods of time, which indicate which terms fall particularly frequently. So you can easily recognize important topics at first glance.

Comprehensive analyses

With Interaction Analytics, you can find out what makes customers tick. Analyze correlations, causes and trends and derive concrete operational measures.

Ensure compliance

Interaction Analytics checks compliance with legal regulations and corporate guidelines in customer interaction. This can be done subsequently or even in real time during ongoing communication with the customer. For example, employees can receive recommendations for action via context-sensitive pop-ups.

Target Coaching

Interaction Analytics identifies the conversations that are particularly suitable for coaching. Search for specific keywords and situations that offer coaching potential. The perfect addition to your quality monitoring system.

Interaction Analytics for optimal communication__

With Interaction Analytics, companies can analyze all interactions and identify current trends, problem causes, and correlations. The Interaction Analytics solution not only evaluates individual communication channels, but also all available information from various channels such as email, telephone, web, chat and social media. Based on this information, conclusions are generated for the optimization of business processes and for the coaching of employees. By using Interaction Analytics, customers gain transparency about which interactions have led to a positive customer experience or why processing times in certain areas of the service center have increased in recent weeks.

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