Just add digital to smart processes__

The use of artificial intelligence and intelligent solutions, is a game changer. Many companies have already firmly anchored intelligent processes in their digitalization strategy and implemented a wide range of automation initiatives, such as RPA, Machine Learning or Conversational AI (VUI).

Intelligent solutions are a decisive competitive advantage__

The use of intelligent solutions will completely change the world of work. This applies to all industries and specialist areas. In addition to the training of employees, data quality and data volume are decisive success factors for the implementation of intelligent processes. More than 90 % of all AI initiatives are stopped due to lack of data or incorrectly trained ML models, although the implementation of intelligent processes in the respective departments is decisive for the medium-term success of companies.

Almato enables intelligent solutions for digital enterprises__

Almato accompanies digital enterprise initiatives from conception to implementation and operation. Intelligent interfaces ensure smart data acquisition and RPA intelligent handling of standard processes with software robots. At the same time, Almato uses AI services and machine learning to continuously optimize the user experience and the handling of processes and to improve business decisions.

Simple implementation of digitalization strategies
Outstanding User Experience
Innovative technologies for digital processes
Short time-to-market
Flexibility through cloud-based toolset
Certified experts
Projekt-Beispiel KI und App: Object Recognition, Produktkonfigurator für gesteigerte UX- Hansa
App development and AI concept: Object Recognition enables easy recognition of series and identification of the right spare parts for Hansa.
Project Example: AI Concept for Object Recognition
Digital Enterprise: Abstrakte Grafik für Digitalisierung
IoT-App: Increases the safety of grazing animals through intelligent fences for customers of Kerbl.
Project example: IoT Solution
Projekt-Beispiel App-Entwicklung, KI-Services, RPA - Sparda-Banken
Almato is a strategic implementation partner for digital enterprise strategies for the Sparda banks and implements apps, AIs and various portals
Project example: Intelligent Mastercard Service

Just add digital to your enterprise__

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