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+49711 62030-400

We offer intelligent solutions for the automation of business processes and enable companies to easily implement digital strategies.

Our solutions and services integrate innovative frontends such as Mobile Apps, chatbots and Voice assistants with Robotic Process Automation and AI to create a solution tailored to the needs of our customers. This enables them to automate existing standard processes and develop new processes that can be digitally processed fully automatically.

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Ansprechpartner Gißmann Unternehmensleitung
Peter Gißmann
Managing Director
Almato Unternehmensleitung Ansprechpartner: Sauter
Christian Sauter
Managing Director


Almato Services and Solutions Ansprechpartner: Schwarz-Scholten
Axel Schwarz-Scholten
Authorized officer

Jobs and application

Almato Karriere Ansprechpartner: Eckhoff
Markus Eckhoff
Authorized officer


Ansprechpartner Marcia Bohn Marketing
Marcia Bohn
Manager Marketing & Communications