Board of Directors__


Ansprechpartner Sauter CEO

Board of Directors

Ansprechpartner Gißmann Vorstand
Peter Gißmann
Board of directors


Authorized signatory

Ansprechpartner Stefan Dreher Prokurist
Stefan Dreher
Authorized signatory

Authorized signatory

Ansprechpartner Eckhoff Prokurist
Markus Eckhoff
Authorized signatory

Authorized signatory

Ansprechpartner Schwarz-Scholten Prokurist
Axel Schwarz-Scholten
Authorized signatory

Managing Director – Spain

Ansprechpartner McCullough Managing Director
Richard McCullough
Managing Director

Manager HR

Ansprechpartner Schäfer Leiterin HR
Stephanie Schäfer
Manager HR

Marketing & Communications

Ansprechpartner Marcia Bohn Marketing
Marcia Bohn
Manager Marketing & Communications

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