Just add digital to every service__

When implementing new digital business models, companies often face the challenge of pre-defining quantity structures for scaling data, transactions or users or performance requirements. Nevertheless, digital services are needed that can grow and scale as business evolves. Almato’s cloud solutions scale according to demand and adapt both technically and economically to the development of our customers.

Cloud service architectures__

Cloud service providers offer a variety of services that simplify and accelerate the deployment of new applications and digital products. Another benefit is global delivery with consistent performance.

We use proven frameworks and cloud services to develop our solutions. This enables us to develop powerful and scalable solutions and operate them securely, stably and economically in the cloud.
Our cloud solutions include Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service, Enterprise-Software and Apps, Voice User Interfaces and IoT infrastructures. Almato designs and develops secure and reliable cloud service architectures. The result is digital products that ensure end-to-end capture, processing and analysis of digital data between users, devices and systems.

Functions from the Cloud__

Almato uses cloud platforms from Amazon, Google and Microsoft as well as its own platform services to implement digital products. These offer a multitude of services and frameworks that enable applications to be developed quickly and easily:


With AWS Amplify, scalable web and mobile applications can be created quickly and cost-effectively. All AWS services can be easily integrated and therefore robust applications based on a cloud service architecture can be realized very easily.


Secure user directory for user registration, login and management, and access control. The service supports connectivity to multiple identity providers and standards-based authentication.


Simplifies application development by providing flexible APIs for securely accessing and processing data from one or more data sources.


Fast and flexible NoSQL database service for all sizes.


Serverless data processing service for easy implementation of business logic without the need for your own infrastructure.

Google Firebase

Platform for the development and operation of mobile applications with integrated mobile backend, analytics and monetization functions.

AI Services from the Cloud__

By using AI components from the cloud, object recognition or predictions, for example, can be easily integrated using machine learning technologies. For example, we use Lex and Sage Maker to quickly integrate and implement intelligent solutions


Service for the creation of conversation interfaces for speech and text, e.g. for Voice User Interfaces such as chat bots, digital assistants or voice applications.

Sage Maker

Service for the creation, training and implementation of machine learning models to provide services for object recognition, prediction or semantic recognition.

Cloud-Lösungen: Skalierbare, zuverlässige Leistung

The Almato Cloud Services__

  • Technical specification of the application (backlog, user stories, UX concept)
  • Technical conception (architecture, services, interfaces, data model)
  • Implementation of the application using cloud services
  • App development and software development based on cloud services
  • Development of business logic in the cloud
  • Integration of existing systems into the cloud
  • Monitoring and operating the application in the cloud
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Contract Management and Cloud Service Cost Optimization

Shortened time-to-market and smooth operation through cloud services__

Cloud-based applications offer the possibility to dynamically and elastically provide the required resources from the cloud, regardless of one’s own infrastructure and hardware. The monetary expenses are adjusted to the actual resource consumption of the application, detached from asset-bound fixed costs.
Provisioning as well as software-testing and debugging are also simplified. Multi-level environments for development, testing and production no longer have to be maintained locally, but can be configured and used on-demand. This makes the entire deployment and continuous integration process faster and more efficient.

Just add digital to every service__

Our team will be happy to help you with your cloud services requests. Write to us at info@almato.com or call us at +49711 620 30-400 .