Combine bots with AI and mobile apps__

With Almato ONE channels, you can create completely new digital processes quickly and easily. You can use several coordinated technologies at the same time.

The mobilization of business processes is an important component of innovative solutions. ONE_Mobile-backend-as-a-Service supports the development of mobile apps and saves up to 80 % of backend development costs.

With mobile apps, users can conveniently transmit geolocated fault reports with photos and text without delay. Such reports can be received by an RPA bot via the platform and can be integrated into practically any legacy system. And this is also non-invasive without technical system integration.

With such solutions, companies can reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

Channel Services: Innovative Frontends, Apps, Sprachassitenten und Chatbots


With this service the implementation of mobile applications is faster and more flexible. Forget the development, deployment and testing of back-end services. We have already done that for you. Important functions are available such as Data Storage & Search, Authentication, Roles and Rights Concept, User Administration, Push Notification, Social Media Integration, Geolocation Services, Analytics or Image Scaler.

Chatbots and Custom Solutions__

ONE_Channels enables the integration of individual applications such as chat bots and language assistants.

We develop dialogue processes including the technical implementation on the basis of public cloud services such as Alexa from Amazon or for dedicated services such as Nina from Nuance.

App development and AI concept: Object Recognition enables easy recognition of series and identification of the right spare parts for Hansa.
Case study: App development with mBaaS for Hansa
IoT-App: Increases the safety of grazing animals through intelligent fences for customers of Kerbl.
Case study: IoT application for Kerbl
Smart digitization for the Sparda banks with apps, AI and web portals.
Case study: Web portal and app development for the Sparda banks

Contact Almato experts__

We are at your disposal with pleasure. Please write to us at or call us at +49 711 62030-400.

+49 711 62030-400