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Almato, the implementation expert for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), supports SV in the implementation of its automation projects in the property and life insurance sectors, from implementation through further development to ongoing operation. The insurance company benefits from a low error rate, complete documentation and significant time savings.

Advantages of process automation with RPA

SV Sparkassenversicherung was faced with a challenge shared by many companies with frequent customer contact. Information and enquiries are received via a variety of channels such as post, email, fax or forms. Relevant data is therefore often available as unstructured information that has to be entered manually in the back office. Manual entry leads to high costs and is also a frequent source of errors.

SV Sparkassenversicherung is now using the advantages of Robotic Process Automation to ease the workload of its service and back office teams. In this specific case, the technology is used to automatically process simple, standardized business transactions using digital software robots. Software robots – not to be confused with physically existing robots – take over tasks and interact with applications as a human employee would.

Aimed at success: The course of the project__


Almato set up the necessary infrastructure for SV Sparkassenversicherung to operate a Robotic Process Automation solution. This essentially comprises a server, several physical or virtual clients and several development computers. The development computers are used by the RPA developers to define new processes. The clients are used to run the processes automatically. On the server side, primarily administrative tasks such as scheduling, or task management are handled.

Initially, six business transactions were developed in the project. Since then, further processes and tasks from service and back office for property and life insurance have been added.

In the first step, the SV Sparkassenversicherung team was trained in RPA technology in order to independently automate new processes. Almato experts were always available as development support for queries and for more complex development steps.

With the existing RPA environment, a large number of processes can be mapped simultaneously, which are controlled by SV Sparkassenversicherung as required and then processed sequentially by the software robots.

Efficient and productive: Optimal project balance__

At SV Sparkassenversicherung, the digital team members support repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as transferring data to various backend systems. SV Sparkassenversicherung benefits not only from the increase in productivity through RPA, but also from other advantages such as error reduction, complete documentation and several flexible “virtual clerks” who can process various standardised business transactions. In addition, the processes are now more efficient, since the work of the robots gives the team room for other activities.

Robotic Process Automation is no longer just a project topic for SV Sparkassenversicherung, but is being established step by step as a line function. SV’s virtual RPA team is interdisciplinary. The central coordination is located in the operational organisation. IT-affine team members from the specialist area take over the development of further software robots. Clear advantage: The development team consists of experts for the technical processes to be mapped.

Process example: Full automation as part of SV OnlinePost

To optimise the flow of information, SV Sparkassenversicherung’s customer service department sends customers an email asking whether they would like to receive their insurance documents electronically in future. To do this, customers must register on the SV homepage. This registration triggers the creation of a PDF containing all relevant customer data. This data usually has to be entered manually – or, in the case of SV Sparkassenversicherung, by software robots – in the backend systems.


By automating this process with RPA, SV Sparkassenversicherung achieves significant savings in process cycle times. Software robots consistently process data without errors and document all work steps. These two aspects ensure secure and reliable management of sensitive customer data.


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Sebastian Kübler, RPA-Developer


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