RPA as a service for a significant throughput times reduction__

Robotic process automation from Almato’s cloud enables Sparda-Bank BW to drastically reduce the throughput times. In only 7 weeks a solution was implemented that automates thousands of processes.

  • Automates 9,000 manual processes per year
  • 7 weeks from consultation to first deployment
  • Reduces 90 % of the throughput times


Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg is one of the leading banks in Baden-Württemberg regarding the construction financing for private customers. The processes between the bank and its customers are already digitally implemented with innovative portal solutions such as the Sparda Immo-Club and the SpardaMyBaufi platform.

Media disruptions in the overall mortgage lending process were still present in the back office when the extensive mortgage documents were transferred to various bank host systems. Due to the large number of different document types and the high volume of data, the previous process involved extensive manual work steps and led to sometimes long throughput times in the existing legacy systems.


Use of DATAGROUPs robots as a service (RaaS) platform, to automate standardized processes via existing front-end applications.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an approach to process automation in which manual activities are automated by software robots (bots). The software robots act like digital employees who automatically handle repetitive, structured and rule-based processes.

“The cooperation with the team was excellent. Our high expectations of the solution and the associated goals were completely fulfilled.”

Michael Lichtner, Head of the credit department, market-oriented and risk-relevant business, Sparda-Bank


  • Based on leading RPA technology from Automation Anywhere and Almato AG
  • Standardized infrastructure services from the DATAGROUP data center
  • High availability for 24/7 operations
  • Setup package for the successful introduction of the first RPA process, including preparation, analysis & design, installation, implementation of the pilot process, testing and intensive support during commissioning
  • Center of excellence training

Key Benefits

  • Short time to market for deployment and implementation of the solution in less than two months
  • No own server infrastructure necessary due to the platform as a service model
  • Safe operation
  • Solution support for the implemented processes
  • All services from one source


With the help of the DATAGROUP robots as a service platform, the back-office processes for construction financing can be completely automated. The average throughput time per transaction has been reduced by a factor of ten. All transactions can also be processed immediately when the necessary data is available, so that the overall processing time for the process has been reduced considerably. Since the DATAGROUP RaaS platform scales flexibly, even peak loads can be handled without any problems. In addition, the standardized processing of the individual procedures reduced the error rate and ensured a complete documentation of the process handling by the bot.

“With our RPA as a service offering, we meet the high demands of the financial industry.

Stefan Dreher, authorized signatory, Almato AG

Due to a very successful introduction and implementation, Sparda-Bank BW is already planning to automate additional processes.

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