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Almato is the strategic implementation partner of the Sparda Banks for Digital Enterprise. In addition to the implementation of various portals including various AI components, Almato also implements the Sparda Service Apps. App development for iOS and Android includes conception and app development for Sparda Bank Baden-Württemberg, Sparda Bank Hannover and Sparda Bank Munich.

The apps enable mobile access to account data for Sparda Bank accounts as well as accounts of other financial institutions. The user thus always has access to all financial information and the possibility of setting push notifications for certain account movements. These can be defined individually, for example depending on the amount of money moved. The account data is protected against unauthorized access by touch or Face-ID.

KI Services for SpardaImmoclub__

Recognition of equipment features

The User Experience when uploading real estate photos is improved by an AI service, which recognizes features such as “balcony” or “pool” and suggests them to the user after uploading the pictures. This simplifies and accelerates the advertising process

Recognition of rooms

When images are uploaded, an AI service automatically recognizes which room is being uploaded. The image is tagged with an appropriate tag.

Upload filter

Users have the possibility to post pictures of properties in the portal. As Software as a Service, an AI component is used to detect offensive content and prevent uploading.

App Development: Functions of the Sparda Service App (excerpt)__

Multibank capability

  • Push notification (can also be sent discreetly without an amount) for example for account balances below a certain amount, bookings above a certain amount or from abroad as well as for selected turnover categories.
  • Form individual turnover categorisation: User-specific categories are possible. Once a turnover has been assigned once, the app will automatically do this for the user in the future.
  • Sales can be assigned keywords to create individual evaluations (e.g. for tax returns).
  • Graphical evaluation of sales: Period and the number of accounts can be filtered.

Deposits with profit/loss and performance calculation

  • Extension of the search: Users have the possibility to restrict the search according to criteria such as client or recipient, intended purpose, amount, period, assigned tags – across all accounts or for a specific account.
  • Export sales: Export turnover and account details (e.g. for further processing on the PC) – requirements according to GDPR Article 20 are considered.

Software as a Service - Mastercard__

As part of the Sparda digitalization strategy, the use of the app is to be expanded and additional services integrated into the app in order to further increase added value and improve customer loyalty (usage intensity and download figures). In this context, the Mastercard service was integrated into the app based on a SaaS solution. With this function, app users can make various security-related settings for the credit card themselves:

  • Secure credit card registration
  • Blocking and unblocking of the card by the user
  • Enabling/disabling of cash payments and/or Internet transactions
  • Definition of countries in which transactions may be carried out. Exclusion of these very countries
  • Information about all transactions via Push
  • Information about all rejected transactions via Push

This solution offers many advantages in terms of safety and convenience. The introduction of the function is perceived as a service improvement (settings can be made by the user and are active in less than 2 seconds) and at the same time the service centres of the Sparda banks are relieved by the externalisation of the service. From a technical point of view, the digital service meets the highest performance requirements and a flexible response to peak loads (Software as a Service). Security and compliance requirements are guaranteed by security concepts and cloud made in Germany (secure card registration, PSD2-compliant, BaFin-compliant).

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