Robotic Process Automation (RPA)__

Processes become faster, easier to scale and more efficient. RPA and the cooperation with Almato are therefore important cornerstones in the digital transformation of our bank.

Gabriele Kellermann, Member of the Board of  BBBank

Almato is RPA pioneer since 2011

Our customers benefit from our experience and our proven products and solutions.

RPA becomes IPA – Intelligent Process Automation with Almato ONE

The bots access the applications via their respective user interfaces. In this way, business and administrative processes can be processed fully automatically. Bots become smarter through Artificial Intelligence and can take on more diverse tasks.

ONE_Platform: Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Channels, Business Applications

RPA as an introduction to AI-based automation__

RPA simulates the human use of application software by software robots (bots). This enables companies to automate repetitive tasks based on rules and structured data. Bots operate the applications required in a business process, such as SAP, Office, CRM systems, databases, and Web interfaces, just as people do. It is not necessary to program technically complex interfaces to the individual applications.

ONE_DigitalAssistant (Attended RPA)__

ONE_DigitalAssistant is a solution for Attended RPA. In this RPA variant, the bot sits on the desktop of the employees. Bots are started and controlled by an employee after certain events have occurred, either actively themselves or in the workflow. Typical use cases for this are found in the service desk, help desk and call centers to improve productivity and quality of advice.

“With the sales assistant we have succeeded in significantly increasing the number of successful transactions, the so-called conversion rate”.

Andreas Claeßen, Service Owner RPA, Innogy SE

Attended RPA is also known as Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA), as the focus is on bot-human cooperation. The bot takes over tasks such as searching for suitable tariff data of a customer or transferring changed contact data to several CRM systems.

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Support for customer interaction

RDA can be ideally used in customer service. If, for example, a customer wants to change his rate, RDA checks in the background whether and on what date this is possible and automatically provides the relevant information to the customer advisor. This allows the customer advisor to concentrate better on the customer conversation.

Robots-as-a-Service (RPA aus der Cloud)__

With Robots-as-a-Service, we have already taken over most of the tasks involved in setting up and operating an RPA platform: Installation and sizing of the IT infrastructure, provision of all technical and organizational services and licensing.

We operate Robots-as-a-Service based on Automation Anywhere. The solution is regularly rated as one of the best offers by analysts such as Forrester and Gartner.

From consulting and training to bot development and support, including Solution Service Desk – in addition to this infrastructure service, we offer a complete package of services for the secure introduction and operation of the RPA platform.

  • Ready to use
  • Everything from a single source: infrastructure, service and operation
  • Safe and professional introduction
  • Simple scaling of the robots as required
  • Extension of the bot abilities by machine learning skills
Bots Upskilling
  • Integration of Almato ONE
  • Extension of the RPA application possibilities
  • Expansion through 3rd party skills
  • Processing also of unstructured data
  • Combination with mobile apps and chatbots

RPA On-Premise__

For your individual RPA solution you can call up all services as Professional Service. Expand the capabilities of your on-premise solution with Artificial Intelligence and intelligent mobile apps from the Almato ONE building set.


Almato offers consulting in professional and technical questions on an expert level, be it initially within the framework of RPA workshops, during a project or in coaching after the introduction.

Technology selection

Manufacturer-independent analysis and evaluation of requirements for the RPA technology to be used. Support in the selection of suppliers.


Planning, specification and programming of individual bots, adaptation of pre-packaged bots, reusable design of RPA bots (Attended and Unattended), implementation of a scalable overall architecture.


Implementation of general and product specific RPA trainings from developers for developers. Specific training in the area of machine learning for upskilling RPA bots. Trainings in-house or at the Almato training center.


Almato delivers licenses as a Value Added Reseller of the following manufacturers: Abby, Automation Anywhere, Nice, Nuance, SAP, Softomotive and UiPath.


Comprehensive support services for manufacturer products as well as solutions and bots developed in-house or by Almato. Solution Service Desk for professional support services.


Support for the operation of RPA infrastructures up to the point of an Onsite Managed Service. Full service offer: Robotic Process Automation-as-a-Service.

Contact Almato experts__

We are at your disposal with pleasure. Please write to us at or call us at +49 711 62030-400.

+49 711 62030-400