Machine Learning integrated__

Almato ONE offers ready-to-use, highly secure AI services – On Premise, Private Cloud or Public Cloud. These form the basis for innovative extensions of business applications, upskilling of bots or analytics applications.

Improve your service, reduce your costs and relieve your employees.

With Artificial Intelligence from Almato, you can develop countless improvements and extensions to your existing solutions, quickly and easily.

Artificial Intelligence Services: Text Classification, Recognition, AI aus der Cloud
ONE_Classifier Dashboard: Textklassifizierung On-Premise und aus der Cloud


With ONE_Classifier we provide you with an out-of-the-box service that automates the classification of text-based documents. ONE_Classifier offers a simple and fast way to train a robust classification model. Best areas of application are helpdesks, service desks and RPA applications.

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  • On Premise or SaaS Private Cloud or SaaS Public Cloud
  • Multiple predictions for classifications in one step
  • State of the art technology, no dictionaries, no grammars, no NLP approach, no 3rd party licenses, no hidden consequential costs
  • Simple and fast: Upload data via CSV
  • Auto-ML: Trained with best-in-class models and chooses model with best results
  • Prediction service: fully automated generated REST service

Use Cases__

In many business processes the classification of documents is necessary. ONE_Classifier can automate this function.

  • Inbox: Analysis and assignment of incoming documents
  • Classification of incoming messages via Web forms
  • Helpdesk: classification of incoming tickets
  • Upskilling of bots in the context of RPA applications
  • Upskilling of Digital Assistants (Attended Bots)

ONE_Recognizer – Recognition of products__

ONE_Recognizer is an out-of-the-box service that allows you to automate the fine granular recognition of products. ONE_Recognizer offers a largely automatable application of machine learning mechanisms for integration into mobile apps or for upskilling bots.

This service is expected to be introduced in Q2-2020.

Public Cloud AI Services__

Intent Recognition

Detect the intent of incoming messages.


Assign documents to predefined classes.

Object Recognition

Identification of objects in pictures and videos.

Text Recognition

Extraction of text from images with intelligent OCR.

Data Extraction

Extract structured data from unstructured data (“dark data”).

Data Generation

Synthetic generation of training data such as images.

Predictive AI

Assessment of risks, forecasts on products, customers etc.

Reinforcement Learning

Self-learning based on user feedback.

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