Simply smarter with Almato’s out-of-the-box highly secure AI services. We adapt to your operating model, whether on-premises, private cloud or public cloud. These form the basis for innovative extensions of business applications, upskilling of bots or analytics applications.

Digitize with artificial intelligence from Almato: Machine Learning for Cognitive Automation, intelligent apps and more.

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Our artificial intelligence AI solutions__

Almato Classifier

With the Almato Classifier we provide you with an out-of-the-box service to automate the classification of text-based documents. The Classifier offers a simple and fast way to train a robust classification model. Best application areas are help desks, service desks and RPA applications.

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Intelligent catalog scanner

The Almato intelligent catalog scanner is specially designed for companies in the international retail insdustry and can be easily and quickly integrated into any app. The goal is to use the intelligent scanner to link the analog and digital worlds and to make the analog shopping experience even more efficient for customers with digital components and intuitive usability.

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Self-Service Display Scanner

For convenient recording of weighing items in food retailing – use the Almato Self-Service display scanner now. It increases your efficiency and enables you to weigh products from the fruit and vegetable counter quickly and easily, without manual input or long waiting times. The ML functionality takes care of the registration and weighing process almost entirely for you.

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Integrate AI and ML services quickly and easily__

Cost reduction

Significant expense reduction and improved customer experience through the use of diverse but customized AI and ML solutions.

Productivity Boost

Increase quality and boost productivity and efficiency with object recognition, text recognition and intelligent RPA bots.


Our models learn with the help of user feedback and on the basis of comprehensive training data (Auto-ML and Prediction-Service).

Combi AI Process

Your customized solution with a mix of different state-of-the-art AI services.


Pioneering successful automation solutions for help desks, service desks and customer service organizations.

Leveraging data diversity

Unlocking new data potential for value-added benefit – aggregate, analyze and accelerate.

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