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Native, hybrid, cross-platform or progressive web apps – we develop individual app projects for B2B and B2C. The appropriate technology is defined project-specifically according to the business and technical requirements. Our customers receive all services during the lifecycle of their mobile application from a single source: from conception and development to hosting and operation. With a large number of mature functional modules from hundreds of app projects as well as experienced project managers (certified according to Scrum or GPM) we ensure a fast and economic implementation of your app project.

Via our digitization platform Almato ONE, intelligent AI or mobile backend services can easily be integrated into app solutions. In addition, with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) further possibilities for process automation or backend integration are available via Almato ONE. Thus, we ensure both a simple provision of mobile processes and a short time-to-market for our context-specific and user-oriented apps.

Outstanding UX, context-specific features, seamless integration and more

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App projects from a single source

The services include strategic consulting, analysis and conception, user experience design, web and app development as well as hosting and operation of the mobile application.

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Mobile back-end as a service

Our ONE_Mobile Back-End-as-a-Service enables significant cost savings through the use of standard components and reduced costs for infrastructure and maintenance.

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Combination with AI and RPA – Use Cases

Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation in individual applications for more possibilities, an outstanding user experience, cost savings and a short time-to-market

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App testing and app relaunch

We have over 100 physical test devices in our laboratory and can therefore cover all relevant test scenarios. We also migrate outdated apps and rescue deadlocked app projects through objective reviews.

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App projects from one source__

Mobile apps must meet the specific requirements of the users in the best possible way in order to be used successfully. We achieve this through many years of experience in selecting and designing processes suitable for mapping into apps and mobile use, as well as an attractive UX design tailored to the user and the usage context (location, time, devices, environment, etc.). In addition, we support you with our mature software, advice on the selection of the appropriate technology and systematic app testing to achieve high, flawless performance.

User Experience Design: Erfolgsfaktor UX steigern

Digital consulting

  • Market analyses and benchmarking
  • Feasibility studies and proof of concepts
  • Target group analysis and success control
  • Professional and technical consulting and conception
  • Description of user stories and backlog management
  • UX consulting, user experience design and user interface design
  • Organization and implementation of UX reviews with specific target groups
  • Testing and quality assurance, for example according to ISTQB
  • Certified project management (agile or classic)

To the Professional Service

Software engineering

For us, the same standards of software quality apply to the development of apps as to the development of backend or web applications. We understand app development as software engineering with the goal of developing applications for our customers that enable stable and trouble-free operation and offer a high level of investment protection because they can be used for a long time and can be maintained with little effort. We support all relevant platforms such as Android and iOS as well as all development approaches, such as native (Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, C#, .NET), hybrid, progressive web apps and of course the latest cross-platform tools (Flutter, Ionic, React, Xamarin etc.)

In order to ensure high quality already during the development process, we use coding guidelines and methods (e.g. OWASP, Secure Coding etc.), procedures such as test automation, continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps. Furthermore, we support our customers in the administration of their App Store Developer Accounts as well as in the management of the required certificates and the distribution of the apps via Public App Stores, Enterprise App Stores or via Mobile Device Management (MDM).

To the Professional-Service

Hosting and operation of app backends

Both B2C and B2B apps typically require backend systems to map the desired functional scope. This often requires app-specific functions that are not available in existing backend systems. Direct access to back-end systems via apps is also often not desired or technically not possible, so that communication must be routed via mobile app gateways.

Almato develops and operates specific backend systems for apps. Standard functions, such as user registration and administration, notification functions or synchronization mechanisms are mapped via the ONE_Mobile-Back-End-as-a-Service (mBaaS) function of the Almato_ONE platform. Application-specific business logic is implemented as a modern server application based on Java or Python. To make the implementation of these backends as easy as possible for our customers, we also offer hosting and operation. The hosting of the applications can be done either in our ISO-certified data center in Frankfurt or at a Hyperscaler (AWS, Microsoft, Google). Here, customer-specific requirements (scalability, data protection, etc.) decide on the appropriate operating model.

To the Professional Service

Professioneller app support

Although apps are particularly stable on mobile devices, professional app support for both B2B and B2C apps is recommended. Apps usually have to be adapted to new releases of mobile operating systems several times a year. Discontinued APIs or libraries must be replaced and new security standards must be retrofitted. Furthermore, certificates have to be updated regularly or adapted to new App Store guidelines.

Almato offers professional app support via email and phone through the Almato Help Desk. We are guided by best practice standards such as ITSM and ITIL. For our customers, we provide professional systems for communication via tickets as well as for error and problem management.

To the Professional Service

Professionelle App-Entwicklung von zertifizierten Experten


Via the ONE_Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service, numerous backend functions are available that are required by default in most apps. These include notification services for APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) and FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging), user registration and administration, special content management functions and connectors for the integration and synchronization of databases, web shops or ERP systems.

By using these standard functions in the context of app development, significant time and cost savings can be realized, since these functions can be obtained ready to use as cloud services.

To the product

Advantages of the cloud solution

  • Short time-to-market using standard functions
  • Reduced costs for infrastructure, hosting and operation
  • Seamless integration with apps and backend systems
  • Flexible scaling with regard to Data
  • High availability and reliability

Mobile SDK for SAP-Cloud-Platform

We support customers with a distinctive SAP application landscape in mobilizing business processes via the SAP Cloud Platform and the iOS/Android SDK for the SAP solution. With the help of this SDK, we implement native apps for the iOS or Android platforms that integrate with on-premise SAP applications via the SAP Cloud Platform. This allows us to create apps with high performance and excellent usability, which, unlike the web-based Fiori apps, also offer full offline capability and optimal hardware integration into mobile devices. This ensures high user acceptance of these applications, which are mostly used as enterprise apps.

Almato ist Value Added Reseller von SAP

Application Example – Mobile Damage Recording in Technical Facility Management via SAP Cloud Platform

Mobile applications based on SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) are ideally suited for recording and managing damage to buildings and other facilities, since they can be recorded directly on site and, if required, including image documentation.

By default, such damages are recorded as tickets via a SAP GUI or SAP Portal.

However, an app that is optimized for mobile use and individually tailored to the customer-specific process achieves much better usability, functionality and performance. As a result, the handle times are significantly reduced and the quality of the tickets is significantly higher due to the structured, context-related and simple recording directly at the damage location. At the same time, the transparency for the user with regard to the processing status of the tickets increases and thus ensures an optimal user experience.


Combination of Apps with AI and RPA – Use-Cases__

Innovative technologies such as machine learning or robotic process automation can significantly expand the application possibilities of mobile apps. Machine learning often opens up completely new functions and use cases or greatly improves the user experience.

Robotic Process Automation can help to close the gap between apps and backend systems and thus raise additional potential in the digitalization of business processes. Especially the integration of legacy systems, which do not offer suitable APIs or cannot be extended with new interfaces, is very easy with RPA.

Possible uses of AI services in apps

  • Text recognition: Extraction of text from images using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for further digital processing
  • Text classification: Automatic assignment of documents, emails or tickets to categories via Almato ONE_Classifier e.g. for prioritization or pre-qualification
  • Image recognition: Recognition of objects in images (e.g. to identify products in brochures and catalogues or to implement upload filters to avoid unwanted content)
  • Object recognition: Identification of technical products via Augmented Reality using Almato ONE_Recognizer with links to product databases or PIM systems
  • Pattern recognition: Pattern recognition (e.g. customer behaviour, anomalies etc.) via predictive AI for recommendations for action, intelligent product proposals or forecasts and warnings

Implementing mobile processes extended with RPA

  • Fast and easy provision of additional mobile processes through back-end integration with Robotic Process Automation without interface programming
  • Automated aggregation and linking of data from different applications via RPA for a consolidated view of complex processes (e.g. malfunctions) or to create mobile dashboards (e.g. for field service or sales)
  • Input of structured data from apps via RPA via the front end of legacy systems for fully automated case processing and to bridge media breaks or limited service times (24/7 bots)

App testing and app relaunch__

Besides professional app development, testing also plays a central role in the success of apps. This is especially important for B2C apps with high distribution and heterogeneous user groups. Not only before the first release, but also with every functional enhancement and after every update, apps must be tested with regard to usability, functionality, compatibility with devices and operating systems as well as performance.

Relaunch of mobile applications

There are numerous reasons for a relaunch of apps. Besides extensive functional enhancements or a redesign of the user interface, we often find poor code quality, outdated technologies, security flaws, performance problems or frameworks that are no longer supported as triggers for a relaunch. In the worst case, current projects can be saved due to problems in the organizational area. Of course, we also take over the transfer of prototypes or proof of concepts into stable and productively usable app or web solutions.

After a detailed review of the existing source code and the analysis of the new requirements, we can make a sound recommendation on how to proceed. Of course, the economic as well as organizational framework conditions for the relaunch are taken into account. If significant parts of the existing solution can be reused, the relaunch will focus on specific new requirements, such as a redesign to improve the user experience or functional enhancements.

Onleihe Mockups
User interface design and backend development for the web portal and the native apps of ekz.
Project example: Web portal and native apps for ekz
App development and AI concept: Object Recognition enables easy recognition of series and identification of the right spare parts for Hansa.
Project example: App development for Hansa
IoT-App: Increases the safety of grazing animals through intelligent fences for customers of Kerbl.
Project example: Development of IoT app for Kerbl
Smart digitization for the Sparda banks with apps, AI and web portals.
Project example: Development of several apps for Sparda
925,000 BAföG requests annually: Increased process efficiency with the BAföGdirekt app.
Project example: Mobile processes for BAföG applications
Cross-channel and comprehensive apps for CP-Pharma customers and sales.
Project example: B2C and B2B apps for CP-Pharma
ACE Use Case
Relaunch of the Auto Club Europa e.V. Android and iOS apps for 60,000 users.
Project example: App relaunch for ACE

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We are at your disposal with pleasure. Please write to us at or call us at +49 711 62030-400.

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