Just add digital to mobile processes__

Almato offers the development of individual mobile applications. Services include strategic consulting, analysis and conception, User Experience Design, web and app development, integration of Artificial Intelligence and RPA as well as Platform Services. Customers receive all services during the lifecycle of an app solution from a single source. The latest development methods and tools are used for app development. Mature software modules enable fast and economical implementation of individual app development projects. Almato develops native, hybrid and web apps.
Customers benefit from experienced project managers (certified according to Scrum or GPM). In addition to the creation and professional development of innovative solutions for mobile process innovation, Almato’s mobile experts have many years of experience in the efficient integration of mobile app solutions into complex, evolved system landscapes. Among other things, RPA is used to shorten the time-to-market of mobile solutions, since time-consuming interface programming can be dispensed with.

Services: App Development__

Almato supports all relevant platforms such as Android, iOS, HTML5 and Cross-Platform approaches. As a member of the respective developer programs, the corresponding technologies are used within the framework of app development – essentially Objective-C and Swift, Java and .net. In addition, proven frameworks and templates are used in the programming of mobile applications.

  • Feasibility studies and proof of concept
  • Target group analysis and success control
  • Professional/technical consulting and conception incl. description of architecture and interfaces
  • Analysis and implementation of security requirements
  • UX consulting, user experience design and user interface design
  • App development/programming
  • Testing and quality assurance for example according to ISTQB
  • Hosting, operation and application management
  • Certified project management

App development: Use of Cloud and AI services__

In addition to the development of apps, we offer various cloud services such as push providers for APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) and FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) as well as special content management functions and connectors for the integration of backend systems such as databases, shop systems or ERP systems. Our mobile cloud services can be purchased as hosting solutions or as an on-premise solution. The use of the Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service-platform enables a drastic reduction of the programming effort in the back end through the use of standard components. With the backend from the cloud, not only the costs of app development are reduced, but also the effort for infrastructure and maintenance.

Artificial Intelligence

AI components simplify processes and improve the user experience. The use of commercially available AI components and machine learning solutions refines digital services and solutions.

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Cloud solutions

The use of cloud solutions enables the implementation of digital processes. The use of services as-a-Service enables a flexible reaction to scaling amounts of data, transactions or users. In this way, volatile performance requirements can be easily met.

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Cloud-Lösungen: Skalierbare, zuverlässige Leistung

App-Development: Solutions for enterprise departments__

Almato has top references from a wide range of industries and specialist areas. We specialize in the implementation of mobile solutions for B2C and B2B customer services and company-internal applications for process optimization in a wide variety of specialist areas.

App development: agile and efficient implementation of projects__

Digital strategy for successful apps

We work on objectives and application possibilities of mobile applications, analyse process optimization potentials and develop mobile strategies including technology consulting and investment planning. Customers appreciate our many years of experience and our expert knowledge for their individual app development even before they have the app developed.

Mobile Backend as a Service: Einfache App-Integration
Projekt-Beispiele verschiedene Technologien: App, Web, RPA, KI

Project management in the context of app development: agile methods such as Scrum/Nexus

In addition to classical development, large projects with agile development methods, such as Scrum, are implemented. Certified Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Developers use methods such as Continuous Integration to realize even complex projects flexibly, efficiently and user focused.

User Experience Design – success Factor in app development

An optimal user experience determines the success of an app. The user experience is determined by the four success factors benefit, accessibility, user-friendliness and aesthetics. The UXQB-certified designers and developers at Almato therefore ensure excellent, cross-channel user experience from the conception phase through technical implementation to rollout.

User Experience Design: Erfolgsfaktor - UX steigern
Softwareentwicklung: Schnelle, agile Entwicklung für Performance, Qualität

Development of individual software

Web apps are simple, largely platform-independent apps that are implemented exclusively using web technology. We develop on the basis of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Due to the use of local storage techniques, web apps can be offline-capable to a limited extent and usually support only a few device-specific functions, such as localization via GPS.

Testing in the agile app development process

In addition to the professional development of apps for smartphones and tablets, testing also plays a central role in the success of an app. Apps should not only be tested before the first release, but also for usability, functionality, compatibility to different device types and performance at every functional expansion and after every update.

Software-Testing: Regelmäßige agile Sprints

App development as a part of relaunches__

The relaunch of an app can be necessary for various reasons. Often it is the inclusion of new functions, interfaces or a redesign of the user interface to improve the user experience and user friendliness. Our certified development team is happy to take over the revision of existing apps – even for already started development mandates. The range of services includes analysis, testing and quality assurance or further development at different development stages of an app. On the basis of tried and tested methods, the current status of the development is determined from both a technical and a project management point of view and measures for the successful completion of the app development are designed.

The focus is on the analysis of source codes, security as well as testing and quality assurance in the context of app development for relaunches. Customers receive an assessment of the criteria examined and recommendations for optimizing the mobile application. Almato takes on relaunch mandates for apps, websites, prototypes or individually developed software.

App development: Use Cases__

With several hundred app projects implemented, Almato has a valuable modular system for app development and a wealth of experience that we are happy to pass on to our customers. This has resulted in numerous apps that are extremely easy and intuitive to use in a wide variety of areas.

Projekt-Beispiel KI und App: Object Recognition, Produktkonfigurator für gesteigerte UX- Hansa
App development and AI concept: Object Recognition enables easy recognition of series and identification of the right spare parts for Hansa.
Project example: App development for Hansa
Digital Enterprise: Abstrakte Grafik für Digitalisierung
IoT-App: Increases the safety of grazing animals through intelligent fences for customers of Kerbl.
Project example: Development of IoT-App for Kerbl
Projekt-Beispiel App-Entwicklung, KI-Services, RPA - Sparda-Banken
Almato is a strategic implementation partner for digital enterprise strategies for the Sparda banks and implements apps, AIs and various portals
Project example: Development of several apps for the Sparda bank

Find out more about app development or arrange a consultation appointment__

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about app development. Write to us at info@almato.com or call us at +49711 620 30-400.