Just add digital to intelligent solutions__

When implementing automation solutions with RPA or RDA as well as when implementing intelligent interfaces, we always consider the possibilities offered by AI components to further simplify a process or improve the user experience through AI services. In doing so, we rely on standard market components in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning and refine them with our services and solutions. Thus, individual added value is easily created through the implementation of digitalization projects with Almato AI and a short time-to-market through proven services.

AI services in the specialist area for more efficiency and competitive advantages__

The use of artificial intelligence not only increases the efficiency of processes and workflows, but also provides competitive advantages in the design of internal and external processes. For example, different approaches are conceivable for the most diverse specialist areas:

Automation Services: RPA, Digital Assistants, RaaS, RPA On-Premise

Sales and Marketing

Addressing customers and communicating with them can be optimized with various predictive methods (predictive AI). For example, customers willing to migrate can be identified based on patterns and the right offer can be made at the right time in order to reduce churn rates using AI. On the basis of these patterns, the customer approach can be optimized and automatically individualized across channels in sales and marketing by machine learning from behavioural patterns.


Speech and text recognition facilitate and accelerate communication. In addition to dispatching requests by recognizing the request (intent recognition), intelligent agents handle the processing of entire requests. One of the most common application scenarios for artificial intelligence in service is chatbots.


Artificial intelligence is also used in the financial sector to derive actions or make recommendations on the basis of patterns. With the help of large amounts of data and learned behaviour, artificial intelligence can be used, for example, to evaluate risks, calculate tariffs and better tailor offers to customers of banks and insurance companies.


Especially in the context of critical IT systems, predictive AI procedures can be used to detect changed system behaviour before a failure occurs. Another application scenario is the use of AI in the IT service desk. Chatbots and a suggestion scheme based on a knowledge database can be established to assist IT support teams.

Automation Services: RPA, Digital Assistants, RaaS, RPA On-Premise
Automation Services: RPA, Digital Assistants, RaaS, RPA On-Premise

Purchasing and Logistics

By using predictive AI processes and familiar patterns, entire supply chains can be optimized in purchasing and logistics or individual sub-areas such as product ranges. Purchasing behavior and external conditions can be used to order the right products, adjust prices or optimize inventory management. Based on known patterns and using external data, such as traffic information, routes can be optimized, delivery bottlenecks can be predicted, and incoming and outgoing goods can be optimized.


Through the use of chatbots (intelligent chats) and self-service portals with automated intelligent case processing, the efforts in human resources can be streamlined in the selection process or employee onboarding.

Generation and annotation of training data for artificial intelligence

In many projects, a central challenge is to be able to access a sufficient amount of data in order to train the corresponding AI component. Almato uses various tools and components to create a sufficient database of training data. The amount of data alone is not decisive for effective training of neural networks. Data quality, precision and diversity play an equally important role in machine learning.

  • Generate data
  • Annotate data
  • Multiply data via “data augmentation”
  • Training of machine learning models

We process images, videos, texts and voice in our AI solutions.

Object recognition

Almato object recognition is not only able to distinguish objects from each other, but also to recognize specific object types such as product series or certain product characteristics. Through intelligent backend integration, a recognized object can be enriched with background information such as complementary products, inventories and delivery times or possible spare parts. Almato Product Recognition (object recognition) specializes in the recognition of technical products in 3D space with a high level of detail. Especially for the identification of technical products, object recognition offers versatile application scenarios, for example as part of an App or as a trigger for RPA processes. If the detection is not clear, confidence levels are used to further train the AI if the user confirms one of the options.

Upload Filter

In many B2B projects, users have the opportunity to upload content and make it available to a user community. These are usually topic-specific images and videos, such as in real estate portals or online marketplaces for other commodities. As a Software-as-a-Service, Almato uses an AI in such software development projects to identify offensive content and prevent uploads.

Text recognition with OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

In the Almato projects, we use OCR technology in preparation for further digital processing of data, such as automated process processing with RPA. With OCR, for example, analogue incoming mail or analogue data can be “read” in forms or questionnaires and assigned to the correct task queue.

Just add digital to intelligent solutions__

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